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Is the outdated design of your brand costing you business?

Are you using a visual language on your social media feeds that makes potential customers switch off? Are the people you’re trying to target taking one look at your website, Facebook, or brochures and immediately tuning out because the cues you’re unintentionally sending communicate that your business isn’t really for them?

I see this problem a lot. Outdated branding can be really hard for business owners to detect, especially if you’re been running your company for a while, or if you aren’t particularly well attuned to the design trends that are constantly shaping and re-shaping the way people judge whether a brand is likely to deliver what they’re looking for.

In this free course, I’m going to teach you the key principles of what good branding involves. Then I’ll guide you through the process of recognising whether your brand elements are helping your business goals, or hindering them.

Together, we’ll analyze the impression your business is making through your customer's’ eyes, and take steps to fix any issues that arise so you can stop missing out on the business you didn’t even know you were losing by not optimising your brand’s appeal.

This video course is free, and you can dip in and out of it anytime....

So what the heck are you waiting for?

There's no downside here! 😊

Sign up, and let’s spend a little time investigating whether the face your business is putting to the world is pulling it’s weight.

Meet Catherine

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Whether you're hoping to turn your hobby into a side hustle, launch an e-commerce site, or attract new and qualified prospects to your existing brand, I'm here to give you the strategies, formulas, and tools to make it happen.

For as long as I can remember, I've loved teaching and creating. I started my career as an academic historian, and opened my first online stationary shop as a weekend hobby while lecturing, tutoring, and writing papers. I was so excited by the skies-the-limit potential of running my own business that I eventually made it my full time job, and grew that little online shop into a large brick and mortar design store called Showroom in Brisbane, Australia.

As the buyer for my store, I came into close contact with a wonderful community of artisans designing incredible products. The trouble was, they didn't always have the brand strategy, marketing savvy, and business plans in place to allow them to make a living from what they did best. Before I knew it, my team and I were mentoring many of these small businesses, running workshops on how to set up their e-commerce sites, how to take more saleable photos, how to DIY their PR strategy, and how to get their branding right.

This collaborative way of offering a helping hand is the cornerstone of everything I love about entrepreneurship. In 2016 I decided it was time to return to my Canadian hometown, so I sold my retail business and moved back to Toronto. Now I'm harnessing all my experience, research, and the super-smart contributions of my expert collaborators to focus on bringing all those smart, creative, profit-driven business strategy concepts to you.

I believe that running your own small business is a deeply fulfilling path, but not if it constantly feels like you're having to reinvent the wheel. I also know that there are proven steps that business owners can take to make their brands stand out and shine. It's all about being connective, selecting the customers who're perfect for you, and finding innovative ways to give them more value than they ever expected. That's what we're going to do together. Welcome to The Spring Collective!

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